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What is "Reverse Osmosis" - R/O?

The Reverse Osmosis process uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate and remove dissolved solids, organics, pyrogens, submicron colloidal matter, viruses, and bacteria from water. The process is called Reverse Osmosis since it requires pressure to force pure water across a membrane, leaving the impurities behind. Reverse Osmosis is capable of removing 95% -99% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) and 99% of all bacteria, thus providing safe, pure water.

Reverse Osmosis can treat for a wide variety of health and aesthetic contaminants. Effectively designed R/O equipment can treat for a wide variety of aesthetic contaminants that cause unpleasant taste, color, or odor problems like a salty or soda taste caused by chloride or sulfates.

Reverse Osmosis can also be effective for treating health contaminants like arsenic, asbestos, atrazine (herbicides/pesticides), fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrate, and radium. When using appropriate carbon prefiltering (common with most R/O systems), additional treatment can also be provided for such “volatile” contaminants as benzene, trichloroethylene, and radon. Some R/O equipment is also capable or treating for biological contaminants, like cyrptospordium.

There are four primary considerations for selecting an R/O system

  1. The type of raw water
  2. The quality of the product water required
  3. the capacity of product water required
  4. And any special features such as water storage, repressurization, and room to locate equipment.

We carry only the best in water softeners and purification systems

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